Change Plesk backup format from TZST to GZIP / DEFLATE

When using Plesk you may face difficulties while restoring something from the website or server backup files because of these relatively unknown .tzst files which you find inside them.

How to change Plesk backup file format from TZST back to GZIP/DEFLATE

First login to your Plesk server via SSH as a root user and open the Plesk configuration file (panel.ini) by using this command:

Press the [INSERT] key to edit the file contents and find the [pmm] section. Append or replace the compressionMethod directive to deflate. It should look like this:

Exit the editing mode by pressing an [ESC] key. Type in the console :wq! afterwards and press enter to save the file and exit the file editor.

The old compression method will be applied immediately for the next backup tasks (no server restart is necessary), however keep in mind that the backup files created before the change will not get converted to the GZIP format.

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